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The Crystal Wave Series


The Crystal Wave is a reflection of moments in nature and their hidden spirits, sneaking from eternal hiding places caught in the moment like shadows each with their own narrative.


The works in this series may perhaps query the link with past production of Philip Ross Munro; however, through all there are common threads: fluidity, and motion; a questioning, desire to ever expanded consciousness, the universal consciousness and perhaps most importantly in this exhibition a question of the environment. These images are all shot in nature as she expresses herself with our intervention. Deities and spirits abound.


Edward Trelawny and the people he encountered who most affected his life, among them Lord Byron and Percy Shelly the great romantic poet, humanitarian, believer in non violent residence, often quoted by Mahatma Ghandi, inspire works created by Philip Ross Munro.

More about this work: Text and Poetry related to the images written by Philip Ross Munro, Lord Byron & Percy Shelley

Medium, Dimensions and Editions

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