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Punto del Higaldo & El Gincho

"These images were shot in 2009 at a volcanic black sand beach on the north west coast of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. This series of bathers illustrates the insouciance of a local population in their


I was honored to be invited as one of four Miami artists exhibiting in Santa Cruz, Tenerife and was guided to remote locations by very generous sponsors."

Punto del Higaldo 27   Ed. 1/7 C-print Archival  dimensions: 30 x 45" 

'Tangananga'  Ed. 1/7 C-print Archival dimensions: 30 x 45"

Canary Scapes

​The remote and twisting mountain roads from Santa Cruz to Tangananga on the Island of Tenerife present the incredible landscapes included in this series.

These 'poly monochromes' are available in limited editions.

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